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Institute of Medicine

Global Health Course

Global Health Course, 3rd August2015- 22nd August 2015


3rd august( Day 1)monday 4th August( Day 2) Tuesday 5th august( Day 3) Wednesday 6th August ( Day 4) Thursday
Facilitator for the day AA/SV: Prajwal PG/SV:Nishan AA/SV:Samriddha PP/ SV:Prajwal
9-10 RegistrationOpening ceremony Indicators of health( Dr Matti) Group presentations on health of nations Gender, Culture and Health ( Madhusudhan Subedi)
10-11 -GH administrative issues( Prem Basel)-GHC Objectives

(Prof JP)


 Challenges in chemicals control and water safety (Dr Katariina) GroupPresentations on health of nations Health systems and healthcare financing models-Dr Suresh Tiwari


11-11.15 Break Break Break Break
11.15-1 What is global health?(Dr Matti) Prevention and control of NCDs  Dr Matti Challenges in cancer prevention(Dr Matti) Gapminder exercise ( Dr Prasanta Poudyal)
2-3 Social determinants of Health- Health as a social phenomenon(( Dr  Edelina Dela Paz)


Health of nations –preparation time  

Tobacco and alcohol control

(Dr Katariina)

 Globalization and its impact on health(Dr Archana) 
3-4 Health of nations – preparation time Universal health care ( Dr  Edelina Dela paz)






7thth august( Day 5) Friday 9thth August( Day 7) Sunday 10th August( Day 8)Monday 11th August( Day 9) Tuesday
Facilitator for the day PB/ SV:Prajwal PP/ SV:Samriddha PB/ SV: Prajwal PP/ SV:Nishan
9-10 Mental problems- a growing issue(Dr Saroj Ojha) Importance of  oral health globally( Dr Sushil  Koirala) Battling against blindness-globally and experiences in Nepal(Prof  Dr Madan  Upadhya)


Global health  ethics and professionalism(Dr JPA)
10-11 Eradication and control programmes (Jagat Narayan Giri,WHO) Impact of climate change globally( Meghnath Dhimal) Global health: career opportunities- current trends- Michael  Elmore Meegan Traditional medicineDr Krishna Aryal,NHRC)
11-11.15 Break Break Break Break
11.15-1 Disability and rehabilitation in developing countries (Esha Thapa , SIRC) Global scenario of HIV/AIDS(Dr Deependra Raman Singh ,NCASC)


Reproductive health and safe motherhood(Karuna Shakya) Inmates kids behind prison bars(Pushpa Basnet)


2-3 Emerging and Re emerging diseases(Ajoy Thakur) Human resources for health-a worldwide crisis  Dr Sharad  Onta MDGs and post 2015 Sustainable development goals( MOHP)Dr Padam Bahadur Chand Developing Global health career publications- Michael  Elmore Meegan
3-4 Coping with under nutrition( UNICEF Rep)Dr Ashish KC) Reading time/  article discussion Movie show-

dying for drugs

Tuberculosis -a growing problem( Prem Basel)


6-9 Cultural night
12th august( Day 10) Wedensday 13th August( Day 11) Thursday 14th august( Day 12)friday
Facilitator for the day PP/ SV:Samriddha PB/ SV:Nishan AA/ SV: Nishan
9-10 Antibiotic resistance-challenges and solutions(Dr Pradeep Gyewali)) Health needs of complex humanitarian emergencies and natural disasters(Dr Pradip Vaidya) Role on international partnership for global health  (( Dr Maiju tamminen)
10-11 Global child health status and problems(Dr Ramesh Kanta Adhikari) Control of zoonotic disease( Dr Maiju tamminen) Exam and evaluation
11-11.15 Break Break Break
11.15-1 Adolescent  sexual and reproductive health rights in developing countries(Dr khem Karki,SOLID  Veterinary/food and environmental hygiene ( Dr Maiju Tamminen)
  • Closing for theory part
  • orientation for the practical part- Pradeep Gyawali
2-3 Importance of NCDs( Dr Abhinav Vaidya)  Health transition – DrSantosh timilsina Leave for pokhara
3-4  Essential medicines/counterfeit drugs and role of pharmaceuticals(Prof Kumud Kafle)


 Epidemiology and Global health-Dr Rajandra  Wagle



activity facilitators
15th Aug Saturday Free day pokhara Stay at pokharafacilitator: Dr Pradeep G/prasanta /prem/santosh


16th august Sunday SHP,HP,PHCC Stay at pokharafacilitator: Dr Pradeep G/ prasanta /prem/santosh


17th  Monday DPHO, Regional hospital Stay at pokhara facilitator: Dr Pradeep G /prasanta /prem/santosh 
18th Tuesday Leave for Kathmandu from Pokharaapproximate arrival time 1pm
19th  Wednesday 9-12am Maiti Nepal12-1 lunch

2.30 – 4  Elderly home

facilitator: Dr Pradeep G/Prasanta/Prem BaselSV : Samridda Pant
20th  Thursday Visit to Kavre- FPAN facilitator: Dr Pradeep G/Prasant/ Prem BaselSV:  Prajwal khatiwada
21st Friday 9- 10 am presentation10  feedback

10.30 – closing

12 -lunch

Facilitator- Dr Archana Amatya/ Samridda pantMC- PP
22nd  Saturday  9-10 lecture10-12 hands on training

Basic life support ( BLS)

12 – lunch and farewell

Dr Bishwas Pradhan/Dr.Ashish / Dr. BibhushFacilitator- Dr Prasanta Poudyal/ Archana Amatya

SV: Nishan babu pokhrel